Boosting NAD+: amyloid proteins and mitochondrial dysfunction in muscles

A recent study in Cell reported on experiments regarding mitochondrial function and amyloid protein accumulation in the muscles.[ref] The researchers used animal models and human muscle tissue to determine that amyloid-like protein deposits occur in muscle during aging. Amyloid proteins are aggregates of proteins that fold into long fibers. Perhaps the most well-known is amyloid-beta, … Read More

Mitochondrial dysfunction: decreased pathogen response and increase chronic inflammation

As we age, the immune system doesn’t work as well. This impacts the ability to resist infectious diseases, of course. But the aging immune system also tends towards a chronic, low-grade inflammatory state called ‘inflamm-aging’. The mitochondria in inflamm-aging: Inflammation in aging comes from multiple sources, one of which is excess ROS from mitochondrial energy … Read More